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"It's Truly Amazing"

  • Sweet Hot Sauce

  • Buffalo Mild Sauce

  • Buffalo Hot Sauce

  • Chicken Breading Mix

"Try our amazing wing sauces and breading for 
your chicken menu... It's Truly Amazing!! "


Compare our crispy and flavorful breading to those of any competing brandsand experience it for yourself. Our wing sauces come fully prepared and are ready to use.

Currently we have a 1 gallon wholesale size for restaurants and a 12 oz retail size products with the Sauce Factory Brand however, we can do the option to use a private label on the products upon your request.

sweet hot sauce

buffalo mild sauce

chicken tender

buffalo hot sauce

chicken breading mix

 Sauce List


  • Buffalo Mild Wing Sauce 6/16 oz

  • Buffalo Mild Wing Sauce 4/1 gallon

  • Buffalo Hot Wing Sauce 6/16 oz

  • Buffalo Hot Wing Sauce 4/1 gallon

  • Sweet Chile Sauce 6/16 oz

  • Sweet Chile Sauce 4/1 gallon

  • Chicken Breading Mix 25 lbs.

  • Chicken Breading Mix 50 lbs.