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"Top Quality Seafood

at Great Price"

  • Sashimi Quality Salmon

  • Specialty Tuna

  • Lobsters

  • Lobster Tails

  • King Crab Legs

  • Snow Crab Legs

Try our amazing  and fresh tasting selection of seafood all caught in the North and South America 

All of our seafood products are as delicious as they get. Make sure to try our exclusive seafood products and your customers won’t be able to get enough of it. All of our selections are of premium quality and retain their fresh seafood taste. Perfect for any and all food businesses including restaurant, catering, or even retail. You will not regret trying our exclusive seafood selection for you business today!


Salmon-sashimi quality from chile

tuna from california

lobsters from cold water

king crab legs from alaska

all other seafood

special: Poke bowl / asi tuna

  1. Sashimi Quality Salmon

  2. Sashimi Quality Tuna

  3. Cold Water Lobster

  4. King Crab Legs

  5. Snow Crab Legs

  6. Tilapia Fillets. 10-1 lb

  7. Breaded Tilapia Filet. Prod of USA

  8. All Other Seafood Pricing